Mirai - Hack The Box retired machine walkthrough.

🔎 Enumeration

nmap -sV

enter image description here

Found an application running on port 80, we can identify an entry service to RaspberryPi.

enter image description here

🚪🚶 Foothold

Looking further how Raspberry works, it’s easy to get in. It’s defaut user and password are pi/raspberry.

enter image description here

Getting user flag.

cat /home/pi/Desktop/user.txt

🛡️ Privilege Escalation

The pi user is a sudoer, we can easily escalate privileges. Unfortunately the root flag is not present. But we have a message telling us what happened. Accidentaly someone deleted it. 😒

enter image description here

This tip tells us that the flag has been lost after an accidental removal of the USB stick. I created a copy of sdb volume to analyse it.

root@raspberrypi:/# dd if=/dev/sdb of=usb.img
20480+0 records in
20480+0 records out
10485760 bytes (10 MB) copied, 0.166908 s, 62.8 MB/s

Copied to my Kali.

root@kali:~# scp pi@ /root/usb.img
pi@'s password:
usb.img 100% 10MB 1.4MB/s 00:06

Then I needed to create a mount folder in my Kali. It’s not needed to mount the image finish this machine, I did to check if it was not corrupted.

root@kali:~# mkdir /mnt/teste
root@kali:~# mount -o loop usb.img /mnt/teste

🍻 Complete

In order to recover the flag file, I used the extundelete program.

extundelete --restore-all usb.img

enter image description here